Lotus Traveler advanced

My head is buzzing around Lotus Travler, Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 devices. If I would have known how cool this stuff can be I would have started looking into it much earlier!

Anyhow, my recent adventure into setting up IBM Lotus Traveler for a corporate taught me more tricks of the trade than I am able to put into one individual blog entry due to limited amount of time. That’s because there is much more to be discovered!

Tip #1: Install Domino x.509 root certificates for S60 devices:

IBM provides us with the option of secure (HTTPS) communication between the Lotus Traveler client and the Domino Server. No problemo I though, just create a key ring with the root certificate using the Domino Certification authority and issue a certificate for the domino server, import the root certificate to the mobile device and …

But wait, how do I get the certificate to the device? Just moving it over via Bluetooth or file transfer brings up an error: “Messaging: Feature not supported” or “Unable to open. File type not supported”.

Once the solution to this little annoyance has been found it seems to be so easy.  Kaz 911 is explaining how to install (Microsoft) Exchange certificates on S60 devices. The same procedure applies to Domino issued certificates – looks like there is commonality between the two products.

In a Nutshell:

  1. Place the certificate file on a web server than can be accessed from the phone browser
  2. Define the mime type for the .der extension on your web server as application/x-509-ca-cert
    If you don’t happen to have access to the mime.types file on the Apache server and you are not using Domino you could also just amend the .htaccess file adding  AddType application/x-x509-ca-cert .cer
  3. Browse to the file with the phone browser and accept the certificate