Profile architecture matters when setting up Lotus Connections

While the Lotus Connections 2.5 installation guide is quite comprehensive there are a couple of flaws a non full fleshed Websphere application server administrator (like me) won’t spot immediately, hence falling into the trap.

I was banging my head the past few weeks, not being able to determine why on earth I wasn’t able to set-up a network deployment of Lotus Connections. The error message was pretty trivial and documented in the Lotus Connections wiki.

CLFRP0258E: The installation of feature {0} failed while creating WebSphere® Application Server Variables.

Hunting through the detailed error messages in the log though didn’t make me any wiser. Until I got the tip (thanks Justin) that the application server profile has to be unmanaged prior to the installation of Lotus Connections as it will be federated as part of the installation.

This is clearly documented on page 36 of the installation guide (“The node must be unmanaged before you install”), however, other paragraphs further out indicated that the application server is being managed by the deployment manager. Core examples are on page 37 explaining that security should only be enabled on the deployment manager in order to not having to repeat the steps for each node, which indicated to me that the node must be managed at this point in time.