Truncated documents in server replica

This morning I was stumbling upon a very interesting issue in Lotus Notes/Domino that involved truncated documents on a server replica. This is an issue as the database on the server is the only one, besides a number of local replicas on laptops.

A bit of research on the web unveiled that Almar Diel has encountered a similar problem, which pointed me towards the right solution.

In order to get the full documents back onto the server replica I had to find the laptop that was holding the replica with the corrupt replication formula as this had to be cleared out as described in workaround option 2 of this IBM technote.

This will ensure that all documents replicated from now on would not be appearing as truncated documents anymore on the server. In order to fix the existing truncated documents though, I had to remove the documents from the server replica without leaving deletion stubs. This can easily be achieved in utilising Julian Robichaux’ stub-less delete function documented here. Clearing out the replication history of the local database and issuing a new replication did make the documents re-appearing on the server replica in there entirety.

Thanks to Almar and Julian for documenting your solutions!