Sametime: prevent contact list notification after directory change to LDAP

If you have followed IBM’s instructions on replacing the Domino Directory with an LDAP directory you might notice the user notification below after running the stnamechange command against the vpuserinfo.nsf:

I can not think of any valid reason why a user should be bothered that his ‘contact list has been updated to reflect recent administration changes to contact names’. In my experience it would just puzzle people, especially since there is no true information relayed or any action required.

Fortunately we have given the possibility to to suppress the prompt for the user either using a managed setting in the plugin_customization.ini or a desktop policy.

Preference: showExternalModificationDialog
Value: false

Well done IBM – pushing Eclipse preference settings via policy

Only just realised that IBM has gone through the full trouble in order to not only provide us with an easy way to push location, but also Eclipse preference settings to the client via policy.

While I wouldn’t necessary pronounce that it was worth the wait, while applying the workaround in Lotus Notes and Domino 6 to 8, it’s definitely a feature that has been waited for a long time.

Issue while updating Traveler policies

One of my previous posts describes that there are two different ways policies are applied to traveler users.

When Traveler policies are applied, the content of the settings document is being copied over into a profile document of the user’s mail file.

The Traveler server is using the Traveler’s Cluster Cache database (ntsclcache.nsf) to look-up the location of the user’s mail file.

The following error could be raised when policies can not be applied:

Notes Traveler: SEVERE [SYSADMIN] Internal Error: Debug Data: Error on UpdateProfileFromPolicyError: Database ‘mail/mdemo2.nsf’ on ‘CN=MAIL/O=Organisation’. Error(227 )=Invalid or nonexistent document

There might be an issue with the ntsclcache.nsf. Just open the database, remove the entries for the affected user. Restart the Traveler task and try applying the policies again manually.

In my case the mail file was located on a 7.0.3 server in a different domain, hence I had to issue ‘Tell Traveler Policy Update MDemo2

Can you disable the Recent Contacts feature using a policy?

IBM recently updated/published a technote Can you disable the Recent Contacts feature using a policy? explaining that this is currently being investigated. While it is true that there currently is no user interface component to disable that feature using a policy you could combine the information published in technote 1267115 and technote 1196837 to still achieve the same.

In adding a new field $PrefDisableDPABProcessing to the desktop setting and populating it with the value of “1” you effectively disable the recent contact features for all clients whose policy is enforing the desktop setting with the added field. Please follow above technotes for more details.