Lotus Traveler: 403 FORBIDDEN

Just a quick note on an issue we discovered lately.

An Apple iPhone was unable to synchronise with the Traveler server. The only error message we got was 403 FORBIDDEN (Access not allowed even with authorization) in the Domlog.nsf.

Issue tell traveler security status username on the domino console. This will result with a listing of all devices registered to a user and their security status. In this particular case the security approval was pending for the iPhone but the device was not listed in the LotusTraveler.nsf.

Issue tell traveler security approval approve deviceID username. This will approve the pending device approval and re-add the device to the LotusTraveler.nsf.

Debug code shipped with 8.5.2 gold?

Looks like there is one more issue with the new 8.5.2 release of Lotus Traveler and Update Installer that is going to bug me.
After installing the 8.5.2 Update Installer on my Nokia N97 mobile device there is a little pop-up coming up in the top right corner of the screen whenever I am using the function key on the keyboard (see screen shot below). Removing and reinstalling the app confirmed that it is definitely being the cause.

Now I am obviously wondering whether IBM has missed to remove/disable debug information before shipping the code to the customer. This suspicion is boosted by the notices.txt file in the LotusTraveler directory on my mobile phone claiming to contain ‘NOTICES AND INFORMATION’ for ‘IBM Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.2 – Beta’.

As with the previous issues I have submitted this problem to IBM for further investigation. It would be nice to know though if anyone else is having similar issues.

Traveler Pop-up

Update 02/09/10 – response from IBM:

Sorry for the inconvenience – it is a debug switch – shouldn’t hurt
anything.  It has been fixed in the next release of 852 which we be
available around 9/17.

Please download the newer version after 9/17 and install.  With the
Lotus Installer application on the device, the users should be prompted
to automatically update their clients.

Lotus Traveler 8.5.2: Anyone else having issues with Update Installer?

After my previous post I am now back with a more appealing issue. Not a show stopper but still annoying, considering the possibilities if the automated client update is truly going to work.

The issue I am facing is an error message on our Nokia mobile phones on checking for new updates using the update installer:

“The response indicates that the server does not support Lotus Installer”

Strangely enough I have been able to upgrade one phone using this method without any issues, all subsequent attempts from there onwards failed and I am a bit stuck due to the lack of detail of information on this feature on the web. Did anyone else run into this issue today or during the beta phase? I have also opened a PMR with IBM. I will update this post as I am receiving updates.

Update 26/08/10:
Just figured out the main cause of the issue. The domlog.nsf records the URL request of the Update Installer application from the mobile phone, which looks similar to that:


You can open this url in the browser of your PC and will receive a response similar to this:

Version= 201007201801

As always, the devil lies is in the detail. Before getting to the response I had to enter my username and password in the browser, which made me think that this could be the actual issue.
Again, checking the domlog.nsf, I realised that the request from the Update Installer is an unauthenticated one, hence making it impossible for the application to receive the response.

The possible workaround is also explaining why I had been able to run the update once. The phone still had an open connection to the server in the browser session, which made the Lotus Installer request an authenticated one as well. Guess that’s the workaround for now until IBM comes back with a permanent fix on this as I don’t fancy allowing anonymous access to the Traveler servlet itself.

Traveler problem reports directory has moved in version 8.5.2

Just updating our environment to Lotus Domino and Traveler 8.5.2.

The only item catching my eye so far is the altered directory for traveler problem reports. In the past they were located in a folder named traveler\logs\tprs in the Domino data directory. This has now changed and the files can be found in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT\traveler\logs\tprs directory.

This is important for organisations that have employed some kind of process to get the problem reports picked up and processed automatically from this directory.

Some details on TPRS can be found here.

Unable to set-up Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 on Nokia E63

Just a quick note to everyone who is going to set-up Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 on the Nokia E63. We have had one issue where Traveler did not start synchronising after the successful set-up on the mobile device. Instead the Traveler home screen got stuck and the whole S60 operating system reacted very slowly.

IBM technical support is referring to this as the “home screen issue” and is working with Nokia on a solution. In the meantime you can request a test fix from IBM that will disable the Traveler home screen. Feel free to quote PMR 36532.120.796 if you are experiencing similar issues.