Principal field invalidates RFC 5322 compliance

Due to lack of time, another post in ‘shorthand’:

Outgoing SMTP messages are rejected by ISP or Gateway appliance with error “Invalid sender address”

RFC 5322 requires a from field in the header of every email. Emails that were sent from LotusScript specifying an invalid entry for the Principal field caused Domino to create invalid message headers. The mandatory From field was missing.

When using Principal fields, ensure to use valid names. This are full names or abbreviated names as listed in the Domino Directory but not email addresses. Using email addresses in the principal field causes above issue even if the address is listed as an additional entry in the User Name field.

Domain move completed

The domain move of to has now been completed. Considering that this is the first move I have ever initiated I was somewhat surprised by two facts.

First the time it actually takes to get the two internet service providers “speaking” with each other to initiate and complete the move. We are speaking of about one full week!

Secondly, how smooth a move is actually going. Guess the important part to keep in mind is that there will be some time, where half the world’s DNS servers will still be referring back to the old host, whereas the other half already has the new host in there records. In case of this wasn’t a big deal as there are no real transactions happening. If you are however hosting a very database intensive site you may want to take this time lag into consideration.