Why Microsoft can’t stop Lotus Notes

While hunting for something completely unrelated, Google presented me with this analysis on CNNMoney dated back to 2004 1994 (Thanks Carl!). It’s an interesting read and some of the stuff could actually be highlighted again as part of the LotusKnows campaign.

And now that I got your attention I might actually share the search phrase I was typing in: “lotus policy change is clearing replication history -click”

I am having an issue here where a change in dynamic desktop settings is clearing out the replication history of local databases on laptop computers, enforcing them to run the ‘one time only – replication setup’ again. This is a bit of a problem as most of the Laptops are still connected via pretty old dial-up.
The desktop settings document got a new database link added to the list of databases to be created as new replicas on the user’s machine.

New database link

Has anyone had this behaviour before? Is there any workaround for that? Server and Client version are both 8.0.2.

No native support for device security on S60 with Traveler 8.5.1

I must say that I am a bit disappointed with that particular item. Looks like there is a lack of commitment from Nokia towards the Traveler solution.

Reading through the Traveler administration guide, it is clearly stated that “This feature requires installation of a Nokia security enablement library on each device. This library can be obtained from Nokia’s IBM Lotus Notes Traveler site.”

Unfortunately the link provided to the Nokia side didn’t bring me anywhere closer to the required library. The only knowledge I have gained based of the information from Nokia’s IBM Lotus Traveler data-sheet is that the enhanced security support does require TARM compatible devices.

Does anyone have an easy answer/solution for this? I don’t really fancy the implementation of Tivoly Configuration Manager  for the sole purpose of TARM enabling our mobile devices. Instead it’s probably cheaper to look for alternative devices in the Microsoft Mobile range. As far as I can tell there a now issues with device security.

Edit 23/10/09: The Lotus Traveler Security enablement library SIS-file is now live on the Nokia home page. Thanks to Niall for pointing that out in the comments.

Install Lotus Notes on Windows 2008 Terminal Services

Is anyone of you aware whether or not IBM is planning to support the set-up of Lotus Notes 8.5.x in a pure Windows 2008 Terminal Services environment (without making use of Citrix)?

IBM’s technote is stating quite clearly that it only supporting installations on Citrix. I am well aware that the installation is still possible; however, I would be far more confident to implement it on a large scale with a clear support statement from IBM.