Lotus Traveler: 403 FORBIDDEN

Just a quick note on an issue we discovered lately.

An Apple iPhone was unable to synchronise with the Traveler server. The only error message we got was 403 FORBIDDEN (Access not allowed even with authorization) in the Domlog.nsf.

Issue tell traveler security status username on the domino console. This will result with a listing of all devices registered to a user and their security status. In this particular case the security approval was pending for the iPhone but the device was not listed in the LotusTraveler.nsf.

Issue tell traveler security approval approve deviceID username. This will approve the pending device approval and re-add the device to the LotusTraveler.nsf.

2 thoughts on “Lotus Traveler: 403 FORBIDDEN

  1. This seems to be a general problem We had the same.

    If you have a device that is pending but the security flag set to deny it will never create an entry in traveler.nsf therefore the console command is the only option as you have no access to the buttons that clear the flag.

    In our case this device was flagged before and then removed (via tell travler delete). It seems that security flags aren’t removed with a tell traveler delete (a tell traveler security delete would be needed in addition). So as once as the device tried to connect again it was immediately denied.

    For security reasons this is an understandable behaviour but hard to manage.

  2. I was getting the error “Cannot Get Mail, The Connection to the server failed” but only on my device (out of about 20). In the past I’d tested remote wipe and deny but after that I’d never been able to connect again. I’d tried a number of things but just couldn’t figure out what was causing me to be denied… until I stumbled on your post! I ran the commands ‘tell traveler security approval approve deviceID username’ which didn’t work straight away so I ran ‘tell traveler security approval deny deviceID username’. At this point my device document reappeared in the traveler database and I was able to allow/clear wipe from there. Thank you so much, I was getting seriously stressed out with this!

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