Unable to re-install Sametime Gateway

Today I had the need to re-install our Lotus Sametime Gateway to change it around from Standalone to Network Deployment. While the de-installation following IBM’s procedure seemed to be alright, I still wasn’t able to re-install the server, ending up with an error message:

“Unable to locate a Sametime Gateway server at [oldinstalllocation]”

Figuring out what was going on kept me busy for quite a while. I got my final hint from the installlog.txt claiming:

“com.ibm.rtc.gateway.install.CheckVPDRegistry, msg1, An existing Sametime Gateway version was detected.”

This pointed me to the final solution on the web. Apparently there can be an issue with Install Shield’s Vital Product Database (VPD), which is still containing an entry for Sametime where there isn’t a valid installation any more. Removing the Gen2 folder from the \Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Universal\common directory as described in the linked document above finally allowed me to re-run the set-up. Also note that the Gen2 folder should be backed up before removing as it also holds information for other products that may be installed on the same server. More details on this can also be found in the linked document.

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