Lotus Traveler 8.5.2: Anyone else having issues with Update Installer?

After my previous post I am now back with a more appealing issue. Not a show stopper but still annoying, considering the possibilities if the automated client update is truly going to work.

The issue I am facing is an error message on our Nokia mobile phones on checking for new updates using the update installer:

“The response indicates that the server does not support Lotus Installer”

Strangely enough I have been able to upgrade one phone using this method without any issues, all subsequent attempts from there onwards failed and I am a bit stuck due to the lack of detail of information on this feature on the web. Did anyone else run into this issue today or during the beta phase? I have also opened a PMR with IBM. I will update this post as I am receiving updates.

Update 26/08/10:
Just figured out the main cause of the issue. The domlog.nsf records the URL request of the Update Installer application from the mobile phone, which looks similar to that:


You can open this url in the browser of your PC and will receive a response similar to this:

Version= 201007201801

As always, the devil lies is in the detail. Before getting to the response I had to enter my username and password in the browser, which made me think that this could be the actual issue.
Again, checking the domlog.nsf, I realised that the request from the Update Installer is an unauthenticated one, hence making it impossible for the application to receive the response.

The possible workaround is also explaining why I had been able to run the update once. The phone still had an open connection to the server in the browser session, which made the Lotus Installer request an authenticated one as well. Guess that’s the workaround for now until IBM comes back with a permanent fix on this as I don’t fancy allowing anonymous access to the Traveler servlet itself.

14 thoughts on “Lotus Traveler 8.5.2: Anyone else having issues with Update Installer?

  1. I don’t have an answer but was seeing a similar issue with my Nokia e71 on Lotus Live. I tried a Nokia 6700 slide and had the same problem.

    Since I had the problem 3 – 4 weeks ago the Nokia e71 died (faulty charging pin connector) and the cost to repair was not worth it for an almost 2 year old phone.

    Have since moved to an iPhone.

  2. Upgrade your version of Domino to 8.5.2 and you wont get the error, I have done the upgrade but I still do not see the Android support but I am still looking at things.

  3. @Michael – interesting will try using a different phone then

    @Greg – to easy, the server is on Domino 8.5.2 already. I believe Traveler would not even have installed without this prerequisite

  4. After installing Traveler 8.5.2 I have the same exact error message: “The response indicates that the server does not support Lotus Installer”

  5. When this error occurs, a file named “C:\Data\LotusInstaller\unexpected_response.html” is created. Opening this file will show what the server sent in response to the installer’s request. What does that file look like?

  6. Response from IBM Support:
    That this seems to be something of a known issue in 8.5.2. It also should be a fairly simple fix. Basically, the Installer application is unable to submit the credentials on the first request because of a limitation in Nokia APIs. Instead, the credentials are sent in response to a 401 authentication challenge received from the server. This can happen when the server is setup to return form challenges. For the Installer to work, the server must be setup to return 401 challenges, instead. To do this, please follow the steps in the help topic “Overriding session authentication”, which can also be found at the following link:

  7. @Uwe – Thanks, will give it a try. Looks like you got a better connection to IBM support then me. My call is still “being escalated to the extended Traveler team”

    Saying so, I don’t necessarily like this solution due to the risks associated with name-and-password authentication. Also: why does the authentication using the Nokia API work fine for Traveler itself but not the Update Installer?

  8. Hi, i cannot find Nokia S60Templa.nts, which should create S60.nts configuration file for Nokia phones on Traveler 8.5.2. The file was included on Traveler 8.5.1. I also tried to copy S60Templa.nts from 8.5.1 package and implemented it to 8.5.2 server. Result was that S60.nts was not created by the server like 8.5.1 version.

  9. Anyone else having problems with Traveller losing login details when phone is restarted. Then not being able to resync. I am trying to roll out a cupla hundred phones and this bug started. We have to cleanout all email and resync, start from scratch. It may be because the program is automatically put in start up and misses the 3g connection.
    The users have to then spend 10 minutes re-enter all the login details and resync the phone. Damn frustrating

  10. I also had another issue with 8.5.2 – the sync actually broke down on my Nokia N8. I wasn’t able to find out what the issue is, I first updated the client (btw I had no issue with the update installer, however I only did it once) but got the same error during the initial sync. Afterwards I decided to resync the mail, I believe this is some new feature in Traveler 8.5.X and it worked OK. Now I am pretty happy. I also use Traveler on iPad 2 and it works great. I have to mention it’s much better on iPad since it uses MIME and shows all images and HTML formatting. I already posted on IdeaJam couple of times that Traveler for Symbian must support MIME as well but my voice is still unheard…

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