Use PC Suite Enterprise to syncronise with Nokia phones

There seems to be a common moaning about Nokia PC Suite not being able to replicate room information with Lotus Notes.

Wait! There is an easy solution for that. Instead of using the full edition of PC Suite you can switch over to the Nokia PC Suite Enterprise Edition.

An added bonus for system administrators is the ability to customise the package in order to enable/disable individual replication features or to pre-define one- or two way replication.

While I struggled to set-up the application on my PC using the exe installer (don’t ask, weird things happened), it is working brilliant when unpacking the msi first and running the setup via msiexec.

How to install:

Unpack package to your hard drive:

nokia_pc_suite_ee.exe /U=”C:\”

Run set-up using the LNROOMS=”1″ switch to enable room replication:

msiexec /I “nokia_pc_suite_ee.msi” LNROOMS=”1″

Edit 09/07/09: Make sure to check comment 4 on this post. Haven’t tried anything of that yet as I am not really close to a computer but it does sound quite reasonable.

8 thoughts on “Use PC Suite Enterprise to syncronise with Nokia phones

  1. This did not work for me.

    i have tried various patterns of quotes and no quotes. Cannot get this to actually work. The installer runs if I leave all quotes out, but when I try to sync and get the room info it fails to deliver. Any suggestions?

  2. Running [msiexec /I “nokia_pc_suite_ee.msi” LNROOMS=”1″] will not actually work. This will start the Installation Wizard which removes the LNROOMS=1 aspect. Additionally the installation is designed to run with the language file (10XX.mst).

    A command that should work is msiexec /I “nokia_pc_suite_ee.msi” TRANSFORMS=1033.mst LNROOMS=1 /qb.

    The /qb will run the installation in quiet mode and skip the installation wizard. Note that 1033 is English (US), if you want to use another language you will need to find out the language code from and use that file.

    Alternatively if you have a packaging Guru available you can ask them nicely to edit the language file to add the property LNROOMS with a value of 1.

    Another Alternative: Adding the LNROOMS=1 to the install package (as above) adds a trigger to the install to add an additional registry key.

    The key is \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Nokia\PCSync\Settings\Admin\PCS_LocationOrRooms = 1.

    An easy way to create this key would be copy the following lines (between the “———–” into a new text file and name it Rooms.reg. Save the file and then double click it to import the key to your registry.



    A couple of notes from the Administrators Guide:
    1) You should recreate your synchronisation settings (I also deleted all entries on my phone).
    2) If the Calendar entry in Lotus Notes has both Location and Room, the Location will be saved to the phone, and the Room will be left out.

  3. New Nokia Fan – your solution worked for me.

    I did it twice. the first time without creating new settings – it did not work

    The second creating new settings worked.

    Both times I complete removed data from Mobile and restocked.

    Thanks heaps. 🙂

    I am going to test a by redoing again a few times using the wizard with the LNROOMS switch and recreating settings to see if this also works as a completion to the analysis.

  4. I ran the original command to invoke the wizard with the LNROOMS switch. After installation I recreated settings anew, and voila, it worked.

    So, the key seems to be recreating the settings (which in hind sight makes ample sense).

    Once again thanks everyone.

  5. Guys,

    Did this solution only works with pc suite enterprise edition? Tried to change registry under standard pc suite, didn’t work 🙁
    If not, where to get “pc suite enterprise edition” for download, it looks like nokia does not support it anylonger.


  6. Does anyone have a copy of the enterprise edition installer?
    PC Suite EE is no longer supported by Nokia, and they have no plans of adding this fix to their latest PC Suite.

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