No native support for device security on S60 with Traveler 8.5.1

I must say that I am a bit disappointed with that particular item. Looks like there is a lack of commitment from Nokia towards the Traveler solution.

Reading through the Traveler administration guide, it is clearly stated that “This feature requires installation of a Nokia security enablement library on each device. This library can be obtained from Nokia’s IBM Lotus Notes Traveler site.”

Unfortunately the link provided to the Nokia side didn’t bring me anywhere closer to the required library. The only knowledge I have gained based of the information from Nokia’s IBM Lotus Traveler data-sheet is that the enhanced security support does require TARM compatible devices.

Does anyone have an easy answer/solution for this? I don’t really fancy the implementation of Tivoly Configuration Manager  for the sole purpose of TARM enabling our mobile devices. Instead it’s probably cheaper to look for alternative devices in the Microsoft Mobile range. As far as I can tell there a now issues with device security.

Edit 23/10/09: The Lotus Traveler Security enablement library SIS-file is now live on the Nokia home page. Thanks to Niall for pointing that out in the comments.

3 thoughts on “No native support for device security on S60 with Traveler 8.5.1

  1. The link is dead unfortunately. Anyhow, I have logged a PMR with IBM to get this sorted. I am with 2nd level support already and they haven’t responded for a while. Seems to be rather difficult 🙂

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