Microsoft ad on

I checked once and I checked twice, but still couldn’t believe that there was Microsoft advertisement on

Microsoft @

Microsoft @

8 thoughts on “Microsoft ad on

  1. Weird, I am not seeing that ad… I see a different one in that position. (Spansentinel right now) I would be surprised but maybe not.

    @Bruce I use no Microsoft software at home or at work.

  2. Its like if Pepsi would sell Coke Ad space on if you ask me this is a NO NO – but need to get someone to advertise on there site so WHERE is the Domino Companies ?

  3. @Ed: I presume the banner is localised and also random with different ads every time. This morning it happend to be a Microsoft ad in New Zealand.

  4. Since this is not a sponsored Lotus site nor hosted, managed or run by IBM/Lotus I would expect to see almost any kind of ad run. It would be nice to have industry specific ones, but then again Microsoft is industry specific. Just not product specific

  5. @Chris: I’d love to move from WordPress to the DominoBlog, especially after the hiccups I have had with the most recent update to 2.8.4. But as a private entity it’s hard to fund hosting in Domino 🙂

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