IBM is obviously ceasing support for NSFDB2

what a shame:

Agreed, there is no clear statement in the document that DB2 support is going to be√ā¬†discontinued. But it’s definitely what I am getting between the lines.

3 thoughts on “IBM is obviously ceasing support for NSFDB2

  1. nsfdb2 went into maintenance mode as of version 8.5.

    Confirmed at lotusphere in January.

  2. I haven’t heard anything about stopping support for it yet. My understanding it shouldn’t happen until around 2017.

    As Paul mentioned it is in maintenance mode. What this means is that for example there will be no further releases and it is not possible to get hotfixes/enhancement requests.

  3. I guess bottomline for me is that while 2017 is quite a number of days away I would not consider any new implementation of NSFDB2.

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