Notes Domino 7 delivers administration requests to target server

You should have seen my surprised face today. I was playing around with SSO (Single-Sign-On) for the integrated Sametime client and the security setting that enforces the change of the notes ID password to be replicated to the internet password field in the Domino Directory.

Until recent I did this with Lotus Notes and Domino in version 6.5. As the administration server was different to the user’s mail server there was always a delay when the user has changed his/her ID password. This happens because the request to change the internet password is submitted to the user’s mail server admin4.nsf and processed after the request gets replicated to the administration server.

IBM made a big announcement that this process will be streamlined with Notes/Domino release 8 where these kind of requests are delivered directly to the administration request databases (admin4.nsf) on the target server, which in case is the server that is going to process this message.

While testing the same today with Lotus Notes/Domino 7.0.3 (FP1) I discovered that this feature was already implemented with this release. I am wondering what maintenance release or fix pack this enhancement included. Or was it already part of the 7.0 package but no one ever bothered emphasising this?

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