How to enter line break into mailto body command

Guess no one asked me this before and I didn’t run into this question yet. However, today I got approached with the question how line breaks can be entered in a mailto: command.
The answer can be found in RFC 2368 whereas line breaks in the body of a message must be encoded using the %0D%0A sequence, which in case is nothing else then hexadecimal for 10 (line feed) and 13 (carriage return).
A full mailto: command using this feature could look like this:

mailto:name@domain.e_t?subject=Header&body=This is the first line%0D%0AThis is the second

Strictly speaking should the white spaces also be replaced with the appropriate ASCII code which is %20 and makes the complete command to look like this:


59 thoughts on “How to enter line break into mailto body command

  1. OK after then &body command in an email I want to prime the cursor to the second line, so as not to overwrite my body.

  2. Great post, very helpful. Are there any other ‘bits’ like this for hyperlinks that do things like make text bold or italic??

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