Frame design Best Practices Part II

Extending on my previous article on Frame design Best Practices I have found something else worth mentioning that is not written in any designer help.

When trying to open the preview pane within a 3rd party application today I got presented with an error message: “Cannot execute the specified command.”

It is important to note that the preview pane is not part of the design of a standard frameset. In order to be able to allow users to preview documents you actually need to create another frame with the name of NotesPreview. The size of the frame can be 0 pixels as it does not need to show up initially. The NotesView frame described in previous article also requires the target frame to be set to NotesPreview. These two settings combined allow the user to open the document preview using the View -> Document Preview -> Show Preview action.



(target NotesView)

(target NotesPreview)


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