Exporting View Statistics

When databases are going wild and are becoming unreasonable slow and the rebuild of view indexes takes quite a long while it is time to review the space view indexes are taking.

There is an easy way to display view statistics in the Domino Administrator client. Right-clicking to a database and selecting Manage Views comes up with a statistic similar to this:

Manage Views

But how many times have you been asked whether this information can be exported/mailed/printed? Unfortunately this isn’t a feature of the Domino Administrator yet. You can however retrieve the view information using the

show database path\filename.nsf

command on the server console. Without any parameter Show Database will display both, database and document information as well as view size statistics. Alternatively the output can be restricted using the d parameter (without a dash) to only display database and document information or v to display view information only.

While this still doesn’t export the information yet, you could either extract the information from the log.nsf or redirect the display to a file. The command

show database names.nsf v >c:\views.txt

will export the view information of the names.nsf to a local file views.txt on the C:\ drive on the server.

2 thoughts on “Exporting View Statistics

  1. You can get that information out of the Catalog db, open a Usage doc for a db and it lists all the views and their index sizes. If you have replicate or copy documents checked in the ACL then you can copy and paste it. Hope that helps.

  2. Well spotted! I presume however that you are referring to the log.nsf on the server, Usage\by Size view. The catalog.nsf doesn’t hold this kind of information (at least not until Domino 7).

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