Binding different host names to partitioned Domino instances

Usually I don’t make a fuss about putting stuff on the web as it appears to be too straight forward. Until someone is going to ask you the exact same topic and you are reconising that it would have been word to share this tiny little bit of knowledge.

When working with partitioned servers there is the possibility (and probably best practice) to equip the physical (or virtual box, as it is going to turn out these days) with multiple network interface cards or at least multiple ip-addresses and configure the Domino servers to listen and response only to the address dedicated to the particular instance. This is achieved in utilising the parameter in the notes.ini.

The same can be done for the web interface in selecting the Internet Protocols -> HTTP tab of the server document. Look out for the Basics section right in the top left corner. In here you enable the web service to be bound to the host name and specify the Host name(s) the port is responding to.

HTTP host name binding domino

Please note that the host name binding is done in the web site document when Internet Site documents are enabled in the Basics tab of the server document.

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