Author access creates $KeepPrivate field for new documents

Nowadays it seems to be public known, that the existence of a $KeepPrivate field prevents documents from being copied, forwarded or printed in Lotus Notes. Until recent I was aware of about three possibilities on how this field will be added to a document. Via design specifications, manually via smart icon code or while using the ‘Prevent copying’ delivery option in the Notes client.

While testing an application for compatibility against Notes/Domino 7.0.3 recently an user complaint that she would not be able to copy documents from one field to another using the clipboard. This was caused by the existence of the $KeepPrivate field for each newly created document. According to the IBM Support this appears to be a feature even I wouldn’t totally consider it as such. If an user has the access rights to create new documents within a database as author or above but did not the replicate or copy documents option granted, each document created from this (group of) user(s) will have a $KeepPrivate field set to 1.

Looks like I need to log a new PMR to find out whether or not there are plans to address this in any future release to split up the replication and the copy right.

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