Wrong number of Arguments for GETPROPERTYBROKER

Today I had same more time to play a bit around with the new Notes 8 client to discover an issue in the release 8 mail template that raises the error shown above for all new created folders and folders, which design has been refreshed with the design of the Inbox in release 8 of the Notes Client.

The error is obviously caused by the NewMemoUsingToField, NewMemoUsingMailtoURL and NewMemoUsingEmailAddress action.

All three actions use the new GetPropertyBroker method of the session class. I understand that this method does not take/require any arguments at present while it is reserved for future development.

Set pb = s.GetPropertyBroker(“http://com.ibm.propertybroker.standardtypes”)

Removing the argument in the brackets resolves the compiling error. However, once this issue is solved the compiler comes up with another error message ‘Wrong number of arguments for: GetPropertyValue’

This error is now caused some lines further down the code from the where the GetPropertyValue method of the NotesPropertyBroker is being called.

pbValue = pb.GetPropertyValue(InputPropertyName,NameSpace)

The GetPropertyValue method does only take one argument. Again as a workaround I removed the NameSpace argument from the code to resolve the error message.

I am pretty sure that there has been some intention behind the two arguments and I am not claiming that this change in the code will be the final solution for the issue. I will keep my eyes and ears open to see once a more permanent solution comes around from IBM as the issue is currently been discussed on the Notes/Domino 8 forum.

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