Using shared images to create a gantt chart

Chris Blatnick’s recent article about the usage of column colours for the creation of gantt charts in Lotus Notes encouraged me to post my recent experience with this medium as well.

The requirements in my case had been a bit different and so is the solution. Instead of a progress chart I had to create a chart similar to a calendar or the ToDo list in iNotes. The Lotus Notes integrated calendar style view wasn’t appropriate for that solution.

Gannt Calendar

The solution I used had been using seems to be not so widely known and involves the possibility to use shared images as view icons additional to the IBM provided view icons, which are addressed by numbers.

Custom View Icons

The only challenge with the calendar view itself had been the way Lotus Notes is displaying documents. While everything was working fine for documents not extending over the end of the week everything clashed since the view displayed the Monday of the following week in the current week as well as it included the Thursday till Sunday of the current week in the next weeks schedule.

This however could be easily solved as well in creating a response document to the master calendar entry to be displayed for each individual week.

Thanks Chris for sharing all your really useful tips and experiences in regards to the Lotus Notes interface design.

One thought on “Using shared images to create a gantt chart

  1. Hey Christian…Nice post and thanks for the hat tip! 🙂

    I agree that using your own custom icons in a view is a very powerful technique, since relaying information visually rather than through words can often get your point across more quickly and more effectively.


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