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While I have seen quite interesting presentations about Lotus Notes and Domino 8 including the new possibilities to create composite applications I thought it might be worth to bring my Eclipse Java development environment up to the latest release. While about 140 bugs has been fixed with this new maintenance release the main intention behind the installation in my case had been the test whether or not extension elements for org.eclipse.ui are now properly displayed rather than referred to ‘Default’ as described in my previous comment.

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As a matter of fact the issue is still the same. Comparing the actual source code of the org.eclipse.rcp.source plugin, in particular the org.eclipse.ui package you can see that this has not been updated so the issue still has to be the same.

However, I am a bit suspicious that the whole issue is rather a result of either the Sametime Connect 7.5 target platform or the J9 JCL desktop. Any hints and comments would be appreciated otherwise I’ll stick with the workaround to add the 3.2 source code locations to the environment rather than the 3.2.2 ones.

Update 24/04:
While I was thinking about the whole issue yesterday afternoon I discovered that the whole problem cannot be related to the J9 JCL desktop at all. So I tried to prove this today and voilà: Changing the target platform back to the Eclipse environment solves the problem described before. This leads finally to two workarounds: the previous described one to link the version 3.2 source code locations to the target platform configuration or [temporary] change the target to the eclipse environment to add the org.eclipse.ui.* related extensions. My favourite is still option one and I am quite confident, that there will be a permanent solution as well.

Update 25/04:
Whereas I have to admit that I am still trying to fully understand the whole Eclipse environment, especially the RCP applications, it might not be worth doing any further guesswork. Checking the files shipped with Sametime 7.5 I recognized that they are based on Eclipse version 3.2. So it sounds only reasonable that source files added from another (later) version might not show up the extension elements as expected.
This can be proven in downloading the 3.2 RCP runtime binary from download.eclipse.org and configuring this as the target platform while the source files configured are still based on version 3.2.1 or 3.2.2.

Hence the final summary is that Sametime 7.5 is based on 3.2 RCP runtime binaries. Thus the additional source code locations for the target platform have to point to the 3.2 SDK files.
Lotus Notes 8 and Sametime 7.5.1 by the way seems to be build on top of the Eclipse 3.2.2 binaries. But I guess this leaves enough room for further topics.

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