Enable ‘Send To Mail Recipient’ in Microsoft Windows 2000/XP

By chance I did find a really easy solution for a common problem on Microsoft Clients like Windows 2000 or Windows XP:

Why can’t I send messages using the “Send To Mail Recipient” option within the Office product?

I am honestly not pretty sure whether the whole issue is related to the setup of the operating system or the fact that all clients I discovered having this problem did run some kind of Microsoft Office environment. Neither do I know if I am digging very deep in some kind of legacy support of Microsoft applications.

However, there are two steps to be done to accomplish mission “Send To Mail Recipient”

  1. Ensure that the win.ini has the following lines
  2. [Mail]

  3. Make sure the mapi32.dll and resides at the %windir%\System32 path

Restart the Office product and you are done.

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