Scheduled agents trigger immediate after saving

Recently a developer recognized that daily agents he was scheduling on a server did run immediately after updating and saving them.

There is a simple answer for this behaviour. Every time a daily scheduled agent is modified the agent manager triggers an immediate run to ensure that the agent is catching up with any missed run. This may or may not be the expected behaviour.

Starting with Lotus Notes/Domino 7 IBM included a notes.ini option for the Domino server Amgr_SkipPriorDailyScheduledRuns=1 that prevents the behaviour described above.

2 thoughts on “Scheduled agents trigger immediate after saving

  1. That behavior confused me too.
    “to ensure that the agent is catching up with any missed run”
    What’s the “missed run”?
    Did you mean if I change the time earlier than now, the immediate run would ensure the agent also runs that day?

  2. Starrow,
    The ‘missed run’ may not even exist. IBM just plays with the possibility that there could have been a missed run and therefore triggers the run of the agent immediately. This happens regardless whether the time is in the past or future as long as it applys to a scheduled agent.

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