Notes 8 Installation impressions

Yes, I did finally manage to download the 600 Megabyte fat Lotus Notes 8 Client. The ‘smart’ c++ version followed short after it, at the moment is the Domino 8 server in the queue.

Being excited like hell about the new Eclipse based platform I did of course start with this client. As usual the install routine is being delivered as a self extracting zip file which extracts all setup information into the %Temp% folder from where the setup.exe is being executed. After this it is going to be very interesting, as IBM seems do utilize all the flash features, which comes with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) even from the beginning.

Obviously creates the setup routine as the first step some kind of basic RCP client as well as update server to deliver the application to the disk drive whereas the RCP client pulls down all features and plugins from the (temporary) server. Nobody should be surprised that the installation of a 650 megabyte application needs approximately 4 times the disk space for installation purposes:
First at all for the downloaded zip-file, second the unpacked source files, third the eclipse update site and last but not least the files in the local program directory. I presume this could become a nightmare for capacity managers once Notes 8 is being rolled out to clients with not so much disk resources. But stop, let me think … I bet there is a way having an centralized update server somewhere in the network where all clients are pulling there installation files. This sounds very interesting and calls for some further reed in the documentation.

Once the installation has been completed you are being welcomed with a screen like this – (happy play!):

Finshed Installation of Notes 8 Beta 2

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