New -> displays ‘Default’ instead of ‘agentSet’

I am currently trying to get my head around the new development possibilities of the Rich Client Platform provided with Sametime 7.5 following the instructions from the IBM Redbook® “Extending Sametime 7.5 – Building Plug-ins for Sametime“.
Unfortunately I already struggled on page 73 of the instructions where a new extension point to display a new action in the tools menu is going to be created. My Eclipse client did not show up the option to create a new actionSet extension element as shown in Figure 4-13 of the manual. Instead of it I could select to create a new Default element only. Same on page 74 where Default has been the only option to show up as well instead of a new menu or action item.
After some research in the Sametime Forum I discovered, that there might be some differences in the Plug-ins of Eclipse version 3.2 and more recent versions (I used version 3.2.1).
After downloading Eclipse version 3.2 and linking the 3.2 versions of the Eclipse plug-ins as described on page 52 of the manual everything worked as described even while working with Eclipse version 3.2.1.

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