Memory extension for Compaq Presario 2824TX

Well this story is not really about Lotus products in particular whereas it is some kind of related.
Quite a year ago I have bought this flash Compaq Presario 2800 Laptop computer. While I had been quite happy with the performance in general I’d run in heaps of trouble when the beta 2 of Lotus Notes/Domino 8 came out. The integrated 512 MByte had been far less than the recommendation so I decided to get one additional gigabyte of ram.
Sounds easy eh? And after the experiences I made it will be easy as long as you know what you are looking for. Since I had a hard time getting the right information on the web it’s time to share the newly gained knowledge.
Usually it’s pretty easy to find compatible memory. Go to the website, search by manufacturer select hardware type and you end up with a product number for the extension module. This is the procedure I followed and ended up with a product code of KTC-P2800/1G. This of course is not the right product for the Compaq Presario 2800 (B2824TX). I do have to add that there has been no 2824 product code explicit listed so it had been some kind of educated guess.
Being in New Zealand I have ordered the module at where I did find the product for a reasonable price going to be delivered within a reasonable time.
When I got the key I immediately spotted that it never ever will fit into the memory slot since it had been DDR rather than DDR2 RAM. Unfortunately the product description did not mention anything that could have made me suspicious.
Fortunately I had been dealing with a professional and very service oriented distributor. When I send a message to MyToys explaining that the product does not fit and I do need DDR2 RAM they immediately offered to return the wrong module in exchange to the new one. I do even expect some money returned since the DDR2 module had been a bit cheaper. No I do only hope that the logistic will accept my return so I can receive the refund.
To make it clear for others looking for a memory extension for the Compaq Presario B2824TX:
The right Kingston product is KTH-ZD8000A/1G whereas 1G could as well be 512 for a 512 MByte module.

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