Lotus Notes/Domino 8.0 public Beta available for download

I knew there must be an advantage living in DST +12 :-).

The Notes/Domino 8 public beta forum has been launched a couple of hours ago.

Within the forum you will find a link to download the first public beta of the new Lotus Notes/Domino release 8.0.

I guess I now have to hurry a bit before the rest of the world becomes awake to hit the IBM download servers to pull approximately 1.7 GigaByte (Windows version) worth of data down the web. Thanks Jeff Eisen for not posting the link on a busy Monday morning.

3 thoughts on “Lotus Notes/Domino 8.0 public Beta available for download

  1. Thanks! My google alert on ‘lotus notes 8 public beta download’ just went off and brought me here. Thanks to you (a kiwi I guess), my download director is now running happily in the background. I’m just pulling the eclipse client and the release notes; i’ll come back for the server etc later.

    Looks like I’ll be staying in tonight 🙂

  2. Hi Peter,
    Yes, same for me, the download director is running and I am preparing my virtual machine to get stuffed with new software.
    Fortunately my wife is out and about this afternoon so I can spend my night with Notes 8 🙂

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