Lotus Notes for old-fashioned companies

Considering the feature described below there are two possibilities:

  1. IBM itself has a lot of managers who are not capable of managing there own calendar so somebody internal requested this feature OR
  2. Lotus products are the right choice for old-fashioned companies as well

Imagine Olive G. is Chief Executive Officer of a successful corporate. She is using her own computer very rarely and her daily schedule is still being scheduled by her assistant Karin M. With the implementation of Lotus Notes this shouldn’t change but could end-up some advantages or improvements. Nobody will be surprised that this can be achieved utilizing out-of-the-box Lotus features. The configuration settings necessary are described for Lotus Notes 7 but apply to previous (as well as probably future) versions as well.

  1. Open the preferences of the manager’s mail file
    Tools preferences
  2. Delegate the calendar to the executive assistant
    Delegate Calendar
  3. Prevent all meetings and meeting responses from being displayed in the manager’s inbox
    Display Calendar

Three single steps and you are pretty much done. From now on every time the Chief Executive is receiving a meeting invitation it will straight go into the executive’s assistant inbox for processing and the CEO itself does still not need to bother at all about his calendar BUT does have the option to actually look into her calendar herself. Forwarded invitation

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