IBM Lotus Notes/Domino best practices

Originally I did not intend to put this list onto my site since many others have done so already. But since I had been searching for it this week again and again … well, I know there are bookmarks and things in a browser but I currently do not use them this frequently and since dog ears firstly become available with the new quickr product I need to store my knowledge in the place to be.

Here is the topic:

IBM recently published a set of best practices relating to Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino. It is supposed to be the beginning of a new series. I presume the strategy is to have some documentation on a technical level between the basic application help and the heavy, 500 pages red books as kind of survival guide for heavily overloaded system administrators as I currently tend do be. It’s a pity that the series is currently not made available as a PDF file that could be easily print and read first thing in the morning after opening or last thing in the evening before closing the eyes. But I guess this only might be some of my special habits of not being able to read documentation on a screen.

This is the list of articles currently available:

Articles to come are:

  • Domino Administration Best Practices
  • Calendaring & Scheduling Best Practices
  • Domino Security Best Practices
  • Managing Directories and Groups Best Practices
  • Testing Applications Best Practices

And I can’t wait finding some time to finally read this documents beneath all the other stuff, which is waiting for my brain to observe.

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