Lotus Notes 8 feature impressions

I had been quite surprised today browsing through the the new Notes 8 Mail/Calendar/ToDo template and finding a new option on the creation of meeting invitations namely the creation of ‘Event Announcement’

Lotus Notes 8 - Meeting Announcement

I think this option is one of the features that already had existed in previous version but nobody ever recognized. Therefore I am happy that IBM actually decided to have this option available on the first page.

A event announcement basically doesn’t do anything different to a meeting invitation except that no response for this invitation is expected or can be made. The only option available on the invitee side is to put the invitation into his calendar or leave it as it is.

If somebody thinks this function is quite useful but is still working with a pre-notes 8 version, and I am pretty sure there are many people out there, you can set the same option for meeting invitations you are sending with your current client in visiting the delivery options and selecting the option shown below.

Event Announcement Lotus Notes 7

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