Frame design Best Practices

Today I learned about an interesting Lotus Notes design feature, which is definitely eligible to be shared (of course) and placed to the Development Best Practices list.

The current application I am coding does make use of three frames within a frame set to have it appearing more professional then the standard R5 View Navigator. Until today I did never bother about any naming conventions of these frames. One had to be the header, the left one the navigation and the right one the mainframe.

But: if you don’t want your application falling back to the ugly view navigator on the left hand side when somebody is opening a view link or tries to open a view from the View -> Goto Menu it is important to have at least one frame named “NotesView”. This frame is obviously internally used to define the main frame of the application and with it the target of each undefined view or document link.

The information I found at IBM related to this issue is related to version R5 of Lotus Notes. I am not 100 percent sure whether this still applies for version 7 but I successfully tested it in version 6.5 today.

That works:




That does not:



Main Frame

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