First experiences with Ubuntu

If you are thinking Ubuntu sounds somehow African you are probably right. Ubuntu origins in Africa and is a free Linux distribution based on Debian. The word Ubuntu stands for ‘Humanity to others’ or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. Take a look to the Ubuntu web project to find out more details.

My interest to trial out Ubuntu had been evoked from the recent article Big Blue meets the penguin: Notes/Domino 8 on Linux by Thomas Køcks.

While I intended to have a brief look only I was proving another law of information technology: If anything can be wrong it will go wrong. Or: there is nothing done ‘quickly’ in IT. But let’s start the report at the beginning.

The easiest part had probably been the download of the iso-image from the Ubuntu homepage. I decided for the most recent version 7.04, 32 bit of course. While downloading the image I prepared a new virtual machine. As iso-images can be mounted directly as CD-Drive in VMware I tried to save me the trouble of creating a boot CD. But unfortunately there was nothing like plug-and-play.

First I could not even proceed to the start screen of the CD-Image until I found out that I should have use Other-Other as VMware guest operating system instead of Linux-Other. VMware and/or Ubuntu obviously had some heavy issues with the video interface.

Passing that hurdle it got much more interesting. Every time Ubuntu started VMware run into the error:

[msg.log.error.unrecoverable] VMware Workstation unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)
NOT_REACHED F(562):1742

Ubuntu start options

Searching for this error on the web did not give me any results. I only realized that others ended up with the same error and no seemed to have any clue. Looking through the available options and function keys I discovered the F6 key that allows manual editing of the start parameters

Ubuntu VMware error

I removed the quiet and splash parameters from the boot options. Now Ubuntu started with a detail log instead of the graphical interface. Checking the log I learned that the system hung at the moment the VMware Ethernet adapter gets initiated.

Taking this as a clue I first disabled the network connection during start-up in VMware, unfortunately without success. The next time I removed the network interface completely from the Ubuntu virtual machine which helped me to successfully boot Ubuntu.

Hence I accomplished starting and installing Ubuntu successfully on a VMware virtual machine. But of what use is an operating system without interface to the worldwide network these days? Since any research did not give me any useful results I tried and succeeded with the previous Ubuntu distribution namely 6.10. After downloading that version installed without any complications at all. Not sure if I am the right person at all (as a Linux novice) to investigate that. However, I promise to post an update as soon I find out the cause of the incompatibility between Ubuntu 7.04 and the VMware network interface card or as soon as I find a workaround.
Ubuntu Screen Shot

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  1. Thank you! I accomplished installing ubuntu successfully on my VMware virtual machine.

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