Error Insufficient frame/frameset handles when opening a database

This weekend I made some strange experience with a ‘foreign’ database design. The database consisted of a basic frame set with a navigation page on the left and the main view display to the right. The navigation had been driven by an outline that mainly linked to view design elements.

After adding a new private view to this database I dashed into some really buggy behaviour. When I closed the database while on of the private views had been focused, the next time I opened the database I ended up with an error message:

Insufficient frame/frameset handles

and a whole bunch of database links opened up on the top of my workspace.

Insufficient frame/frameset handles

A quick research on the web has not provided me with any clue until I started to inspect the whole design. To make it short: the issue had mainly been caused by (missing) target frame settings.

I have just tried to reproduce this issue on my own client, which is running version 6.5.6 and 7.0.2 – the original environment had been praised with a Notes version of! Both of the current versions (sorry, haven’t applied FP2 for 7.0.2 yet) did either come up with the same error message “Insufficient frame/frameset handles” or the client session just crashed without even giving me any chance for debugging.

So how can you reproduce this behaviour and what is the solution?

  • Create a frame set consisting of two frames, one that will be used for navigation purposes and the other one to display the views
  • Create a new outline and apply the default outline, create the navigation page based on this outline
  • Define the navigation page as destination for the navigation frame and the default view as destination for the view frame
  • Set the database launch properties to “Restore as last views by user”

So far the preparation. The error Insufficient frame/frameset handles will occur in various circumstances when the basic requirements are given as described above:

  1. If the “Default target for links in frame” in the navigation frame has been set but the name does not exist.
  2. When neither the “Default target for links in frame” field has been entered in the frame properties nor the destination frame has been entered in the properties of the outline entry that had the last focus when the database had been closed.

There is only one conclusion out of this experience for me. While I am pretty sure that I have always set the frame names and frame targets in the past properly (do I need to repeat that the database I had been working with these time hasn’t been my design 😉 ) I’ll from now on certainly double check that I haven’t made any mistake in this area because this hundreds of databases opening after the error message or the client just crashing down is certainly not a good user experience.

On top of that I might submit a PMR to IBM to check whether this issue is already know and to request a fix in one of the future releases.

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