Error #0C:03 handling layers

Checking the access log of today I recognized that still a lot of people are getting linked to me searching for the dubious error message ‘#0C:03’ that appears when the anchor of a layer is placed within a table when designing a form using the Domino Designer. Additional the design elements placed within the layer do not show up when using the form in Lotus Notes.

In my experience the error only emerged with Lotus Notes/Domino Designer version 6.5.5 (everything had been fine as far as version 6.5.4). Obviously the only workaround is to open the form either with a prior or later release of the Domino Designer, cut the anchor out of the table and paste it somewhere else on the form, outside of any table cell.

I know that this might spoil the intention behind deliberately placing the element to this place for reasons like tab order but this is really the only workaround I know and also the only response I got back from IBM.
Would be happy to receive some feedback whether the same issue appears in later Notes 6.5.x versions since I straight jumped to version 7.0.2 and did not need to bother any more.

2 thoughts on “Error #0C:03 handling layers

  1. I’m developing Notes application in version 5.0.13. Some of my team mates started to test 7.0.2 prior to full implementation. However, version 7.0.2 receives this error everytime it tries to attach file to RTF field. The error message is: IBM Lotus Notes, #0C:03. However, if i attach file using version 5 & save then retrieve using version 7 then re-attach file, it works. Any idea on how to resolve this problem?

  2. Jonathan,
    Is the error raised while designing a form or during ‘run time’?
    Have you tried the same using Notes 7.0.3/Domino Designer 7.0.3?
    Are you able to post (or mail) the code your team is using to attach the RTF file?

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