Domino Database Catalog – the Client view

Quite a while ago I posted an article describing the Domino Database Catalog from the server side of things. Now it is time to shed some light onto the Lotus Notes side of things.

Important is, that no matter where the user tries to search the database catalog from (it could be the integrated search of the Welcome page or a search driven from the local bookmark bar or the search menu), the search will always be performed against the Domino Database Catalog server specified in the location document. However, if no server is defined the search is performed against the catalog.nsf database on the user’s home (mail) server.

This behaviour is important to know in a multi-server environment with a centralized Domain Catalog on a single server as described in the post mentioned above. If, for example, the user’s mail file is located on a different server then the catalog server and the catalog server is not configured in the location document the user will only be able to find documents located on his mail server since the domain wide catalog information are centralized stored on the domain’s catalog server.

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