Default community in Sametime® 7.5

Once the settings for the default community in Lotus® Sametime® 7.5 has been set it seems to be impossible to change the user- as well as the server name afterwards. Additional the default community cannot be removed. So what can be done if the server I want to connect to or my account name has been changed?
First of all you need to make sure that Sametime does not log-in to the community automatically.
Go to File -> Preferences … after the Sametime client has been started, search for the communities setting and open your default community. Make sure that the option ‘Automatically log in’ is not selected on the first (‘Log In’) tab. Hit OK to save and leave the configuration.
While re-starting the client the next time or using the log-out/log-in actions this dialogue will be shown.

Reset Standard Community

Hitting the ‘Reset User’ button removes all local community settings and gives the opportunity to create a new default community. Resetting the user unfortunately removes the local buddy list as well. However, they either can be re-initialized by the server or saved locally using the import/export contact list functions listed in the File menu.

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