Create an Address book database for Lotus Notes

Today I (again) ran into a question, which is crossing my way from time to time, and I was always asking myself where the hell I have seen this before:

What are the minimum requirements for a custom build database to work as an (additional) Address Book in Lotus Notes?

Or, to try it with other words:

Which design elements are required within a database to provide all the required interfaces required to work as a custom Address Book in Lotus Notes?

The key design elements are the four ($PeopleGroups*) views where the required column order can easily be looked up at the IBM provided names.ntf or pernames.ntf templates. The names of the views relate to the lookup type as follows:

($PeopleGroupsFlat) – List by Name
($PeopleGroupsHier) – Notes name hierarchy
($PeopleGroupsCorpHier) – Corporate hierarchy
($PeopleGroupsByLang) – Categorized by language

At least one view must exist in the address book application for the standard mail address dialogue to work. Limited customizations can be made to the individual columns within the views. While it is certainly trouble-free to change the font size, colour, icons and even the content of the hierarchy levels no other major customizations should be made. The order of the columns must not changed and at least the columns containing the name and the email address have to contain the content they are suppose to carry for the address lookup to work properly.

I did not figure out yet what has to be done to make the names stored into this custom Lotus Notes address book available for type ahead addressing. I assumed, or I am pretty sure, that the type ahead is compared against the data displayed in the ($Users) view.

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