Lotus Domino Database Catalog described

Starting with Domino Version 6 IBM changed the strategy behind the Catalog task and the belonging Domain Catalog database (catalog.nsf). Even all Catalog databases within one domain have still the same replica id the access rights for the LocalDomainServers group are set to reader as default. Every time this entry gets changed through the administrator it will be reset to reader when the catalog task runs the next time. Even you are able to manually replicate the information between those replicas or you have the chance to grant at least editor rights trough an additional group for all servers within a domain to bypass this restriction there is a much more convenient way.

To create a consistent database catalog, which contains all databases from all servers within the domain the creation of a Domain Catalog needs to be enabled on one or more servers within the domain.

To enable the Domain Catalog:

  1. Open the Server Document of the server you want to contain the Domain Catalog
  2. Go to the Server Tasks, Domain Catalog tab
  3. Change the Domain Catalog field to enabled
  4. Make sure that the catalog task is included in the ServerTaskAtX setting in the server’s ini-file while X is the time option from 1 to 3

Optionally the scope of the Domain Catalog task can be configured to for example only include servers within one location to minimize network traffic or to balance the workload between the machines within larger environments.

With this option enabled the Domain Catalog server is initiating a pull replication of the catalog.nsf from all or limited to all chosen servers within the domain. The individual Catalog databases still contain only the local database information whereas the Domain Catalog database on the Domain Catalog Server holds the database information from all servers in the domain.

Edit:  06/03/2007 please do also consider the client side of changes related, posted here.

The information provided is intended for the use from a technical audience who understands the impact of changes made. If in doubt please contact you local software consultant or contact me.

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