Design update of names.nsf and bookmark.nsf

Having the fact, that the Names and Addressbook and the Bookmark database are individual installed on the local client PC doesn’t make it easy to deploy changes on the (corporate) design to these databases.

However, IBM provided us with quite an easy solution to overcome this dilemma. There are basically three things who needs to be done:

  1. Design and test the new application template, save it as an ntf (Notes Template Facility) file, named adequate to the database eg. names.ntf and bookmark.ntf
  2. Deploy this new application to the lotus data folder on the clients machine
  3. Change the notes.ini variable SETUP to 70000 (SETUP=70000) to update the design of the names.nsf and set the variable TemplateSETUP=70000 to enforce the update the design of the bookmark.nsf database with the next Notes client restart.

The Lotus Notes client should be closed during the procedure described and re-started at the end of the third step. The deployment of the new application templates can be done using a simple login-scripting solution, a professional client management software or the semi-automated deployment via Lotus Script or Formula Language action sent to the client via email.

The variable values described a related to version 7.0.2 of Lotus Notes. To achieve the same goal using Lotus Notes 6 the variables needs to be set to 60000 instead.

The information provided is intended for the use from a technical audience who understands the impact of changes made. If in doubt please contact you local software consultant or contact me.

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